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  • Henry Omotayo

Ignore the Noise

Mark 5:21-43

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There's probably nothing more devastating than the loss of a loved one, most especially if you have a direct responsibility for keeping the person safe. Decades ago, my elder brother lost one of his children. I was there when it happened; the boy had rheumatism and used to cry at odd hours, like at night when sleep competed for attention. Since he had had these episodes for years and seemed to get over it each time, my brother concluded that he would get over it again this time so, though hurting because his son was suffering pain, he did not take much action as he waited for him to be relieved, but unfortunately, this time was different. There was no relief and he died overnight.

All of us in the house were devastated as it happened so quickly, in the presence of us all. However, notwithstanding the grief and sadness that we all shared, my brother’s grief was several steps greater. He was inconsolable as he thought his inaction was partly responsible for his son’s death. It did not matter how much people tried to dissuade him from his line of thinking, he blamed himself for a very long time.

In Mark chapter 5, the Bible says that Jairus, a leader in the local synagogue, came falling down and pleading fervently with Jesus to come and lay hands on, and heal his dying daughter. Without hesitation, Jesus said to him, let’s go. But then, something big happened and Jesus could not but take some time to address it. A woman who had suffered 12 years from blood flow touched his garment and healing was released from Jesus to set her free. As He spent time asking who it was that touched him, a precious time that seemed for ever for Jairus, the bad news came that her daughter had died and there was no need to waste the Master’s time.

Put yourself in Jairus’ shoes, what would you do with this news? Could he have been thinking, oh dear, I wanted to save my daughter’s life, but I have messed up by waiting on this Man to do the impossible? Could he be saying in his mind, why didn’t Jesus prioritize my daughter’s life over waiting to figure out who touched him? Why couldn’t He heal my daughter first and come back to check who touched him? I am a leader of the synagogue, why did I not deserve priority attention? Could he have been thinking like Martha, Lord if you were not so interested in who touched you and had gotten to my house in time, my daughter would not have died? When the bad news was delivered, Jesus heard it, knew that Jairus would be very troubled, so in Mark 5:36, the Bible says:

But Jesus overheard them and said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.”

When things like this happen, a lot is going through our minds and several questions are generated from our ever-efficient questions factory. While it is human to ask these questions, they often constitute noise in our minds and are very distractive at the time when we should be very focused on the Master. What if Jairus had left in annoyance like Naaman who was told to go wash seven times and be made whole? When we choose to pay attention to the noise from our minds or the audible noise from those around us, our questions increase, and we succumb to fear instead of faith.

Today I urge you to put on your spiritual noise-canceling headsets and concentrate on the tiny Voice of God that may be telling us, don’t worry, your daughter will be well. Don’t worry, I am the Resurrection and the Life. Don’t worry, there is a miracle on your way. Don’t worry, because I am never late. Don’t worry, I divided the Red Sea, and I can do it again. In Ephesians 3:20-21, the Bible says that God is able to do far more than what we can imagine. He can do what He promised so let us be calm and just keep following Him. Jairus followed Him till the end and never regretted his patience. He is leading us to a destination that we will never regret. I pray that whatever the case may be that we are waiting on Him to address, we all have the patience to wait on Him until our desired miracles emerge. May our God touch you this week at the very point of your need. Amen.

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