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  • Henry Omotayo

The God of Promotion

Psalm 75:1-7

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I told the story in one of our previous writings, of a man who was in senior management position in an organization where I worked, and a lady who was branch manager and a direct report of the man. It was no secret that the man appointed himself as the lady’s worst nightmare as she never did anything right in the man’s judgment and assessment. He constantly marked her down and appraised her negatively in any matter. Tired of living in constant fear of a boss, the lady would have thought of resigning. Then, suddenly, the position of one executive director became vacant, and while we were eagerly waiting to see who would fill the vacancy, we got to the office one morning and heard the unbelievable news that the lady was appointed executive director. An appointment of this nature was never heard of as it defied all logic to pick someone at her level and place her above tens of people who were many levels her senior in the company. Unfortunately for the man, the lady was now in charge of his department. Of course, you can complete the rest of the story: he resigned overnight because he could not stand the humiliation.

In Psalm 75 verses 6 and 7, the Bible says:

For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.

When Joseph had his dreams and told them to his siblings, they laughed at him (cynically) and hated him for being disrespectful and arrogant. Even his dad who loved him above others cautioned him from telling such unwise dreams. To ensure that his dreams never made it to fruition, his brothers planned to kill him, then later sold him to get rid of him while they lied to their dad that an animal had killed and eaten him. Little did the siblings know that it does not matter how much anyone tries to kill a dream, if it came from God, nothing would stop it from coming to pass. In the end, the brothers did, indeed, bow down to Joseph exactly as he had revealed. Joseph was promoted overnight from prison to prime minister position in Egypt. Only God could have made a complete stranger the leader of a nation.

When Samuel was told by God to go to Jesse’s house to anoint a new king over Israel, even he, Samuel, did not believe the outcome of his journey. Jesse had eight sons and the eldest, Eliab, was tall and considering that the current king was tall also and Eliab was the eldest, Samuel concluded that he was the one God wanted and would have poured the anointing oil on him in error, but God stopped him. Six more of Jesse’s sons were made to come forward, but God told Samuel that none of them was the king. Jesse must have thought to himself that Samuel made a mistake, perhaps God sent him to a different house, and he came to him in error. When Samuel asked if the seven sons were all the sons Jesse had, even Jesse was reluctant to say that there was an eight son. David was too young, smallish in stature and too inexperienced to be considered for a position as high as the king of Israel, but he was God’s choice.

One thing you should never accept is someone trying to dictate your future. If you have a big dream, not even your parents should be allowed to kill it. Tyler Perry was told by his mom to stop wasting his time thinking of big things. Her dream for him was to get a job at the phone company and if he could earn 300 dollars a week, he would have arrived, and she would be happy that her son was successful. If he did not pursue his dream, he would be no where near who he is today.

Pursue your dream and do not be discouraged that you are starting small. Many of the world’s giant companies that we know today started in the garage – that’s how small and how lowly they started. If you doubt this, then read the stories of Amazon, Google, Dell, HP, and Microsoft. In Job 8:7, the Bible says:

Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly.

Our God is He who promotes and exalts His children. No one can stop Him. If you desire promotion, then look no further. The Feet of Jesus is the highest position here on earth. The Lord will grant your desires in Jesus’ name. Have a blessed week ahead!

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