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By Henry Omotayo

John 8:34-44

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Evolutionists actually believe that their ancestors evolved from animals, like monkeys. It is amazing how they believe that the descendants of animals would behave any differently from animals. Doesn’t the science, on which they base their theories, prove them wrong? Because in the few years that I have been on earth, I have never witnessed, nor have I heard of any story, where a cat gave birth to a mouse. If, as we often rightly say, the offspring of a lion is a lion, then how can anyone possibly expect that their future descendants, no matter how many millions of years in the future, would be anything but human. If their ancestors were apes or monkeys, why have these creatures not evolved into humans? Why are they still apes or monkeys, millions of years after Charles Darwin (or other evolutionists) alluded to, as the period humans evolved from these animals? I am no expert in this theory, so please pardon me if I misrepresented anything.

Just as the crisis of evolution remains till today, the Jews in Jesus’ time did not believe that they couldn’t behave differently from Abraham while claiming to be Abraham’s descendants.

"Therefore everyone who hears these Words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock."

Matthew 7:24

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