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  • Henry Omotayo

Direction Correcte Interdite

Luke 11:29-32

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Apologies for the French in the subject line, it simply means correct direction is forbidden.

I was watching a news channel on television recently, and I noticed the caption “I feel used,” so I became interested in knowing what happened. Upon listening, I discovered that it was the story of a lady who had paid 50,000 dollars to a psychic, who promised to rid her of demons. The lady came public with her story after it became apparent to her that she had spent her money on some spiritualist who promised what he or she could not deliver. Jesus asked the Pharisees who accused Him of using the spirit of Beelzebul to cast out demons, “And if Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?” Can a house divided against itself stand?

There is a booming multi-billion-dollar business of divination in some places in the western world, where people would go to, and pay money in consultation for the diviner to speak with their dead relations in order to clarify their doubts and in some cases clear themselves of guilts. I watched a documented episode on television, where people came with varying questions in their minds. One example was a lady who thought that the death of her relation was her fault, because she believed she was careless in her actions and that the relation must have died because of her indiscretion, so she kept herself in the bondage of guilt for years. The diviner ‘called’ the spirit of the relation and came back with something like ‘Oh, she said her death had nothing to do with you and that you should go on living your life.’ The client responded, ‘Oh thank God, now I can relax.’ I was quite amazed to even think that this kind of business existed, and it’s formal.

Now, if anyone had directed any of the characters in the above examples to Jesus, they could have mocked the person or even taken exception to such guidance. I watched an old Christian movie titled, The Encounter. In it, a wealthy businessman was on a road trip and because there was a storm, the road was temporarily closed as some trees had fallen and blocked it, so he ended up in a diner with other equally stranded travelers. The owner of the diner was depicted as Jesus, who preached to everyone as he served them food and water. While some were skeptical and others surrendered their lives, this wealthy man would have none of it. He boasted as being self-made and needed no Savior. The devil showed up there too, deceiving the people that the road had opened and that everyone could now pass safely. Jesus warned that it was a lie, but the wealthy guy mocked him, followed the devil, and had an accident that ended his life.

People don’t like to be told the truth. One of the amazing things you’ll discover is how much people are willing to spend to find solutions to their problems, provided they don’t have to look in the right direction, because when you mention Jesus, they shut the door against you. If you tell them there is a man or woman somewhere, a spiritist somewhere, or something somewhere that will solve their problems, they are willing and eager to go there, and it doesn’t matter how much it costs. When you tell them to come to church free of charge, you have just mentioned the forbidden direction. How could the hearts of men be so hard against the truth!

Speaking to the hardhearted unbelieving Pharisees in Luke chapter 11 verses 30-32, Jesus declared to them:

For as Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites, so also the Son of Man will be to this generation. The queen of the south will rise up in the judgement with the men of this generation and condemn them, for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and indeed, a greater than Solomon is here. The men of Nineveh will rise up in the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and indeed, a greater than Jonah is here.

How could there be so much evidence of the existence of a superior Being who created the heavens and the earth and everything therein, and who has the final say in every situation, but the men of this generation say no, we will have none of that. Will the people of Sodom and Gomorrah not rise up on the judgement day to say if we had so much evidence as this generation has, we would have repented? (Matthew 10:14-15). Are we not making a mockery of S&G today when we openly celebrate what they were condemned for?

The truth that will save some people’s lives is constantly knocking at their doors, but when they open their doors and see it, they shut their doors again, because of their pride, their arrogance, their successes, their wealth, and their self-sufficiency mentality. They think they don’t need God, but time will prove them wrong, because the Bible says in Psalm 118 verse 22: the stone which the builders rejected has become the Chief Cornerstone. One day they will weep for a chance to accept the Truth they had rejected all along, but it will be too late. This doesn’t have to be your story. Please accept Christ as your Savior today. You may not have this opportunity tomorrow.


If you are yet to give your life to Christ, you do not have a covenant with God and His promises do not apply to you. To come under these promises, please surrender your life to Christ today, by praying this prayer:

Lord I know that I am a sinner and I am unable to save myself. I am sorry for my sins and I pray that you please forgive me. I am aware that Your Son Jesus died for my sins and I accept Him as my Lord and savior. I surrender my life unto you from this moment. Please take control of my entire being and help me to be obedient to your Word, going forward. Thank you, Lord, for hearing me. I have prayed in Jesus’ name. Amen.

If you prayed the foregoing prayer, you have just been born again. Please find a Bible believing church in your area and ask to see the pastor. Let him or her know that you have just given your life to Christ and s/he will guide you on next steps in your journey as a child of God. The Lord bless you!


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