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  • Henry Omotayo

Gift or Bait?

1 Samuel 18:17-30

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I was told the story of a man who resigned his highly paying job because of the amount of money he was getting. One might say, what! Doesn’t every employee aspire to take home as much as possible from his or her labor? Well, it happens that some payments are different from others. This guy had worked in different international organizations and had seen how companies are run.

In this current employment, he was hired at C-Level and aside from the standard entitlements that he received in writing when he was hired, he would look at his account and occasionally see some huge deposits from his employers. When he asked what the payments were meant for, he was told that it was part of his entitlements. After seeing this repeat a number of times, one day, he was presented with a voucher to sign. He declined, because he did not know the source or reason for the voucher, but he was told he had to sign as the various deposits to his account were partly associated with the voucher. When he was coerced into signing the first and second times, he advised himself and resigned because he was sure that one day, he would be arrested for things he knew nothing about.

After killing Goliath, the Bible says that the fame of David rose and the women even sang that Saul had killed his thousands and David, his ten thousands. This not only angered Saul, it made him become very jealous of David, for he feared that David would one day take over his kingdom from him. It was clear that Saul wished David dead, but he did not want to kill him himself. So, in 1 Samuel chapter 18 verse 17, the Bible says:

One day Saul said to David, “I am ready to give you my older daughter, Merab, as your wife. But first you must prove yourself to be a real warrior by fighting the Lord’s battles.” For Saul thought, “I’ll send him out against the Philistines and let them kill him rather than doing it myself.”

To everyone in Israel but king Saul, the king loved David so much that he was willing to give his older daughter to him as wife. Who wouldn’t want to be the in-law of the king? To Saul, however, this was a bait and a ploy to get David killed in battle so the threat of losing the kingdom to a small boy would be removed. David declined this first offer as he was too humble to see how he could possibly become the king’s son-in-law. Notwithstanding, Saul continued to ask David to marry his daughter. This time, it was his younger daughter, Michal, who on her own had fallen in love with David. When David told the king that he could not afford the bride price for a king’s daughter, Saul sent messengers to him:

“Tell David that all I want for the bride price is 100 Philistine foreskins! Vengeance on my enemies is all I really want.” But what Saul had in mind was that David would be killed in the fight.

In our lifetime, too many people have been deceived into accepting gifts that are quoted with poison. Decades ago, a very brave journalist could not be stopped from exposing the shady deeds of a dictator, until the dictator sent him a gift. The package was well wrapped and had an inscription saying it was from the dictator. When he attempted to open the package, it exploded, and he was killed in the process. In our offices, we see people who got employed like yesterday, but have risen so rapidly and have occupied managerial positions, only for the deeds done in secret to blow open and both the people and the bosses they serve lose their jobs or worse still, land in jail for malpractices they had both covered up.

It is common knowledge to see the lives and careers of young female employees ruined by office managers and directors who employ these staffers solely to satisfy their personal desires. It is perhaps not necessary to even mention what happens in politics. Many staffers to presidents and prime ministers, mayors and city managers have had their careers ruined because they received benefits that were attached with strings. Some are even forced to take the fall for evils committed by their principals, and they have no way of refusing because the powerful principals would otherwise turn the entire stories against them.

Are you receiving benefits that you know you do not qualify for? Are you amazed about how much your employer is going out of his or her way to please you and to promote you with such rapidity that you question in your mind? Please watch out as you may be undergoing a setup for something that could embarrass you sooner or later. Is someone buying you gifts that you do not understand or promising you things that are bigger than you? Please ask for discernment from God so you do not accept the gifts that would put you in serious trouble in the future.

This world is evil and everything that shines is not gold. Free is good, but most things are not designed to be free, so everyone must know where to draw the line between gifts and baits. God was solidly behind David, as he went out and killed 200 Philistines, double the number required by Saul, and nothing happened to him. He married the king’s daughter and Saul lost the battle. As He was with David, may the Lord be with you so you can defeat every unseen enemy and escape every bait that is delivered with seemingly harmless gifts. You will not accept the gift that will ruin your life or career in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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