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  • Henry Omotayo

When Impossible is Nothing

Daniel 11:32

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When Israel reached the Red Sea and looked back and saw Pharaoh and his hosts, it looked as though the end had come. They were willing to say sorry, Kind Pharaoh, we made a mistake by following this stranger called Moses. Please accept us back and we pledge to be your slaves forever. In fact, you can double our yokes, but just don’t kill us.

Moses, on the other hand, had different ideas. He had not only argued with God in the past and lost, he had told Him to use someone else because he was not good enough for the job God was handing down to him. However, he had witnessed that time and time again, God had proved to him that nothing could possibly be an obstacle to Him. He had seen his staff turn to a snake and when he picked it up again it turned back to a stick. He had seen the rivers turn to blood and he had witnessed the death of the first born of Egyptians, including that of Pharaoh. To him, this Red Sea was just another opportunity for God to prove Himself. Israel screamed frantically but Moses remained calm. He watched with delight to see another performance of God’s infinite power.

It seemed as though Joshua was done when he was fighting, and the day was getting dark. He knew that if he waited till the next day the enemies would be gone, and he was in no mood to let that happen. He looked up and down, side and side, and he had no options than to think the unthinkable. He was going to stop the day from getting dark. He was going to stop the sun from going down. He was going to freeze the entire earth from rotating until he had finished destroying the enemies. He was bold, commanding the suspension of God’s order and never looking guilty. He would not be stopped, not by the sun, not by the moon, and not by anything thinkable or unthinkable.

What your adversary would want you to believe is that your problem has no solution. He wants you to feel that your God is a joke and that you are too small to overcome the obstacles that people far greater than you in the faith had been unable to overcome. He would quote chapters from the book of obstacles and analyze each case study for you so you’re left with no doubt that you must not only doubt God, but you must lay your issue to rest and quit wasting your time.

An old adage says the root of the tree that wants to prevent the elephant from going into the river will certainly find itself inside the river with the elephant. In the book of Daniel chapter 11 verse 32b, the Bible says:

But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

One of the slogans of the soccer world cup played last year said, “Impossible is nothing.” Yes indeed. When you know your God and stand by His Words, impossible does indeed become nothing. When you don’t know your God or don’t stand by His Words, it is easy to see defeat and disappointments. It is easy to be subdued both by your own thoughts and the thoughts of your enemy. It is easy to give up and to surrender. It is easy to cave in and to chicken out. it is easy to be distracted and to be diverted. It is easy to hand over your determinations and your destiny. When you hold unto the power of your God and won’t take no for answer, impossible is, indeed, nothing.

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