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  • Henry Omotayo

Tested Positive? Where Are The Symptoms?

Romans 8:1-14

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It the past two years, there’s hardly anyone over the age of seven who does not know what it means to test positive. We have lived under the cruelty of a virus which originally had no known cure, and the terror of which has ruled our world and altered the way we lived. It all started like a joke and after three months of its spread and the trail of deaths and hospitalization left in its path, it became clear that everyone needed to be educated in how to fight the virus. Schools were closed, so children began to ask questions. Health authorities laid out in evolving clear terms what it means to test positive. Symptoms were explained, meaning that people who are positive would experience some activities in their bodies that would leave them with little doubts. They would begin to exhibit some signs and behaviors that would alert people around them that they are being exposed to the virus.

This is exactly like the life-altering experience that Paul explained in Romans chapter 8. In this chapter, Paul clearly explains what it means to be a child of God. He explains the difference between a life led by the flesh and that which is led by the Spirit of God. The carnality of a life that is ruled by the flesh is evident in such a life not understanding the things of the Spirit, much like the body that has not tested positive to a virus cannot experience the symptoms or activities of the virus in the body. You might be a doctor and could explain what is going on in the body of a virus-infected person, but you are not experiencing the activities of the virus in your own body. You can even draw the diagram and produce a 3-D picture of what is happening, but you are not experiencing it, so your body is not behaving in the same manner as the person that is infected.

In Romans chapter 8 verses 14 and 16, Paul writes:

For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.

Just as the body of a virus-infected person communicates clearly to his or her brain that he or she is infected (at least the person knows that he or she is not well), the Spirit of God testifies with our own spirit that we are God’s children. As the virus makes a person behave in some ways that will let the doctor know what type of virus it is, so should our behavior be in ways that will let the world around us know that we have tested positive to the Holy Spirit. If, after we say that we have received Christ, we are not behaving in ways that will signify to the world around us that our lives have changed, then it is hard to show any proof that we are God’s children.

One thing that everyone who has given his or her life to Christ experiences is a change of ownership. We cease to belong to the devil, but to God. We are no longer ruled by our souls or bodies, but by our spirits, which are now in communication with the Holy Spirit. We cease to be answerable to the devil or to our flesh, but to the Holy Spirit. Some of the things we did in the past are now no longer enticing to us, just as 2 Corinthians 5:17 says that old things are passed away and all things have become new. Some of the places we visited before, we no longer want to go and some of the friends we had before, we can no longer be friends with.

Each individual might have different experiences in learning to work with the Holy Spirit. However, it is often easier to recognize the STOP signs than the GO signs. Conventionally, the stop signs are louder than the go signs, just as the red color screams louder than the green. So, as a Christian, your regenerated conscience would tell you in clear terms to stop if you are about to commit a sin. It might be a bit more challenging to recognize an inner voice telling you to go visit someone or give some assistance to someone. Your quick test is if you still easily commit sin without a strong inner voice telling you to stop at each instance, then you may need a ‘blood test’ to check if you have really tested positive to the Spirit of God.

Have you given your life to Christ? If the answer is yes, where are the symptoms? Can your family testify that your life has changed? Can your friends see something different? Can your neighbors notice that you’re no longer the same person? Where are the symptoms? It is difficult to convince anyone that you have tested positive to a virus if there are no symptoms at all. In the same manner, it is difficult to proof to anyone that you are a child of God if your life remains the same. In Matthew chapter 3 verse 8, John told the Pharisees and Sadducees to bring forth fruits worthy of repentance. Are there fruits in your life to show that you have repented?

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 If you are yet to give your life to Christ, you do not have a covenant with God and His promises do not apply to you. To come under these promises, please surrender your life to Christ today, by praying this prayer:
 Lord I know that I am a sinner and I am unable to save myself. I am sorry for my sins and I pray that you please forgive me. I am aware that Your Son Jesus died for my sins and I accept Him as my Lord and savior. I surrender my life unto you from this moment. Please take control of my entire being and help me to be obedient to your Word, going forward. Thank you, Lord, for hearing me. I have prayed in Jesus’ name. Amen.
 If you prayed the foregoing prayer, you have just been born again. Please find a Bible believing church in your area and ask to see the pastor. Let him or her know that you have just given your life to Christ and s/he will guide you on next steps in your journey as a child of God. The Lord bless you!
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