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  • Henry Omotayo

The Frustration of Repetition

Exodus 32:1-10

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Imagine a father who has supplied all that the son needed and told him over and over again that he loves him and would do anything to make him comfortable. The father bought him clothes when he needed them and shoes when he needed them. The father provided for feeding and accommodation for the son and was just a call away whenever the son needed help. But the son has told friends that he doesn’t trust the father and is not sure that he really loves him. The son would go to other people to ask for help and these people would be surprised because they know the father to be wealthy and capable of meeting the son’s needs. The father would ask why, and the son would say sorry for the moment but after some time would repeat the same thing. Assuming you are the father, how would you feel?

Yet, this doesn’t seem far away from what we do as God’s children. There are countless verses in the Bible telling us of the love of God, how He sent Jesus, His only Son, to die for the sins that we committed, not counting the sins against us but putting the burden of those sins upon His own Son. Remember how He brought us out of the miry clay and washed us and cleansed us and polished us and called us His Chosen Nation and Royal Priesthood and special generation and all of the coolest names in the book, to show us how much He loves us. He told us to trust Him and rest assured that He would do anything for us, including giving men and people for our sakes, and the only thing we need to do was worship Him and do His will. However, we always find faults with Him and always go out of His will and always ask for help from gods that are made with our own hands.

Just look at the vivid example in the Bible, how God brought Israel out of 430 years of slavery in Egypt, with a strong and mighty hand and made them to cross the red sea on dry land while Egypt and its army drowned in the sea before their very eyes. See how He defeated many armies on their path and punished those who would not let them pass with ease. The shoes on their feet never wore out and they never needed to change their clothes because they were always fresh. Food was provided for them without them working and the light of God went before them during the night and the cloud during the day to ensure the sun did not bite them.

But look at what they did in Exodus 32. Moses was on the mountain to obtain the commandments of God and he had only been gone a few days but the people had become fed up and had missed the gods of Egypt so much that they threw away all of the miracles and promises of the Living God and asked Aaron to make them calves whom they would worship as having brought them out of Egypt. If you were God, what would you do? Having repeated miracles before them over and over and having assured them through the mouth of Moses over and over and yet, Israel made calves and rejoiced that they had found the gods who brought them out of Egypt, of course God got frustrated and in verses 9 and 10, said this:

“I have seen these people,” the Lord said to Moses, “and they are a stiff-necked people. Now leave me alone so that my anger may burn against them and that I may destroy them. Then I will make you into a great nation.”

Ask yourself and let me ask myself, do we run the risk of getting God frustrated to the extent that He would speak in the manner of verses 9 and 10? How much do we trust Him and what faith do we have in Him to do today what He did for us yesterday and the day before and last year and in the last decade, and so on? Experience, people say, is the best teacher. We can forget what we hear and read, but it is difficult for us to forget what we see and experience. Do we not have enough experience to believe that God loves us and would do anything for us? Are we still bent on cutting those corners or manipulating those figures or repeating those sins and making God angry time after time even after showing us so much love?

If a parent would get frustrated at their child or children for exhibiting so much distrust and just ignoring their love times without number, do we not expect that God would do the same? Notice that God called Israel stiff-necked people? Are we, perhaps, stiff-necked as well? Just in case you haven’t heard it recently, I’ll like to reiterate that God loves you. The situation you are in now may not be what you want it to be, but God loves you and has your very best interest at heart. If only you can trust Him, if only you can surrender that problem to Him and not take matters into your own hands, if only you can just lay it all at His Feet, if only you can just have peace and rest, knowing that God will take control, you will find out in the end that His promises never fail. He is still seated on His Throne, and He still sees everything that goes on in the earth that He made. You are not hidden. You are loved. This, I know, will never change.

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