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  • Henry Omotayo

Your Dream!

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Genesis 42:1-6

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When South Africa won the rights to host the 2010 Soccer World Cup Finals, many people did not think it was possible. It was nothing but a dream come true. For a country that was better known for Rugby than any other sport, and to have won over other African countries like Egypt and Morocco who are better known for Soccer, it was a big deal. I remember clearly one of the lines used for the TV adverts: South Africa 2010, “it’s impossible.” Notice the dash line against the ‘im,’ to change impossible to possible. They wanted to show the world that anything is possible if we can pursue our dreams.

This past week I watched a CNN interview of a wunderkind and his family. The boy was only 9 years old, and he had graduated from high school. He finished the last four years of high school in just 18 months. His agemates are still in fourth grade, which was essentially part of elementary school. His dream is to be an astrophysicist and his favorite course is nuclear chemistry. The boy said he did not understand why graduating from high school at age 9 was a big deal. Asked how he felt when he graduated, he said nothing (paraphrasing). He told CNN he “just did it.” His parents have a good problem on their hands as they cannot even complete a university application for him online because the form wouldn’t allow them to enter an age that is less than 13. In the meantime, he had completed first semester in a community college.

If you think you have a dream that is impossible, please learn from the things happening around you and discard any fear of impossibility. When Joseph began to reveal his dreams to his family, no one took him seriously. He was too young and did not know what he was talking about. At some point, his father rebuked him and told him his dream was weird and impossible. His brothers were jealous of him and sold him to Egypt to get rid of him. Unknown to them, they had just acted on the factors necessary to bring his dreams to past. Eventually, he became governor of Egypt and his family indeed bowed down to him.

You are the only person who can discard your dreams. You can either shred it and throw it into the garbage bin or polish and nurture it until it becomes reality. Naaman the captain of the army of Syria was a leper, and he was highly respected by the army. Yet, he never gave up the dream to one day have his body restored to normal. If he did not pay attention to his dream, he would not have listened to a common Hebrew slave girl, let alone ask his commander in chief to write him a letter to Israel for an unheard-of miracle. He must have done all that was possible before this incident and yet his body remained the same. He could have shredded his dream, but he didn’t, until he had his miracle.

You may be young, old, male, female, tall, short, or anything. The question is, what is your dream in life? What do you want to become? Are you motivated enough to pursue this dream, or have you listened to people around you who talked you out of it? In Mark chapter 9 verse 23, the Bible says:

…if you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.

The problem with many people who have dreams today is that they want the food to be all cooked by someone else and served for them on the table and if possible, fed to them without them lifting a finger. Some want to study abroad or relocate to a foreign country, but they don’t even want to sit down and complete the forms. It’s too much for them. They want someone else to do the research, complete the forms, write the exams for them and just obtain the visa and hand it over to them and possibly buy the ticket and order an Uber driver to take them to the airport. Come-on, guys, if you do not act on your own dream, who will!

The wunderkind boy interviewed by CNN was just a child, yet his dream was to graduate high school at age 10. The report says that after commencing high school, he realized that he could actually graduate at age 9, because he was working so hard. If he struggled on any course, he reached out to his teachers and after little explanation he got the concepts and moved on to the next.

Joseph could have asked for money when he was told to interpret dreams for Pharaoh’s servants, but he did it willingly, because he must have thought this could take him closer to his dreams. After interpreting the dreams, he asked the cupbearer of the king to remember him before Pharaoh. He could have dismissed him and remain happy where he was, after all, he was already a leader in the prison.

The way to bring your dreams to pass is to take necessary steps and work at it. Ask questions, do a lot of research to gain necessary knowledge, study, be willing to write exams if necessary, and begin to condition your mind towards living in the reality of your dream. Always pray and ask God to guide you and lead you to those who will help you to get to your destination. Our God is a God of success, and He wants you to succeed. The truth is, you can make it, and you will. Just don’t give up. Have a blessed week!

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