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  • Henry Omotayo

Are You on Donkey Duty?

Luke 19:28-31

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One of the iconic statements made in the Bible was that of Mary, at the marriage in Cana. The Bible says that the ceremony had run out of wine. In those days, and even today, if your ceremony runs out of food or drink or something was lacking in any way, it’s viewed as a thing of shame. Some would say, since they knew that they did not have enough money for the ceremony, why did they call people? So, one could understand the shame of the bridegroom at the marriage when someone spoke to his ears and said, “the wine is finished.”

When Mary caught wind of what was happening, she pitied the bridegroom, and knowing that a miracle worker was in attendance, she approached her Son and asked for help. Upon Jesus’ hesitation, the Bible says in John chapter 2 verse 5 that Mary made a statement which has remained relevant until present day:

His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”

In spite of what happened in Cana, one could imagine some hesitation from the disciples when Jesus sent them to go into the village ahead of them where they would find a donkey that was tied, and to loose the donkey and bring it, and if the owner dear questioned them, they should tell him that the Master needed it. In their minds, the disciples would say, what! Aren’t we going to be accused of stealing or attempted stealing? How could we possibly tell the owner that the Master needs his donkey? Which master, would he not ask?

All these questions are genuine and valid, but you see, the distance between God and logic is a billion miles. The miracles we read in the Bible were all illogical, that’s why they are called miracles, and it is futile trying to dissect or understand them.

Has God ever sent you on donkey duty? Did you do it, or have you tried to understand or make sense out of it and when you couldn’t, have you concluded that it wasn’t from God? While it is true that not all messages are from God, the deciding factor should not be whether or not the message makes sense, because trying to make sense of spiritual things may lead many people astray. I have a simple suggestion for you, quit trying to understand the message. An old adage says it’s the person who sent you a message that you should fear and not the person to whom you’re sent. So quit hesitating and thinking that you will look foolish by delivery such a message that makes no sense. It is sufficient to understand that the message giver knows what He is doing and is unable to make a mistake.

It made no sense when Jesus told Peter to throw his net back into the sea after a night of hard work and catching nothing. Peter complied and was shocked at the result. It made zero sense when Jesus told the wedding organizers in Cana to fill pots with water and thereafter to fetch some for the chairman of the occasion. When they complied, no one was left with any doubt that a miracle had occurred.

Donkey duties don’t make sense, except that the results are always pleasantly surprising, so next time He asks you to do something, the best response is to go ahead and comply, even if it means holding your breathe and waiting to be insulted by the person you’re delivering the message to. You’ll soon discover that it is impossible for you to be wrong when you wholeheartedly follow the Master.

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