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  • Henry Omotayo

The Case Against Unbelief

John 11:21-27

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Even among professing Christians, if you read some verses in the Bible and ask, ‘Do you believe this?’ You’re likely to see hesitation, then ‘Eeh, I’m not so sure; these things may have happened in the past but not in our world today.’ The problem is, how can we say we are Christians when we clearly don’t believe the Bible, the same Book from which we were preached to, and we gave our lives to Christ. How can we reconcile the contradiction?

In the religion called ‘Politics,’ you could not belong to a political party if you didn’t believe their overall agenda. If you are conservative, you have to produce evidence that you believe in conservative values and if you’re liberal, you must do the same, else, no one will place any meaningful position in your hands. If you’re in the cult, you believed the agenda so much as to put out your hand to be sliced and your blood harvested, mixed with other members’ blood for everyone to drink the cocktail. If you work in an organization, you are taught the organizational values or culture, right from onboarding time and you either believe them or you would be shown the way out.

How then, can Christianity survive if we stop believing the Word of God? Sadly, Jesus foresaw what is happening today when He ended the parable of the persistent widow by asking in Luke 18:8b:

However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?

I recently read an article where the writer lamented about what she called ‘Fallen Trees.’ In it, she regretted to see many faith giants of our days, including those who led her to Christ, falling away from the Faith. I have also seen and referenced documentaries in the past where people came out of the church and started atheist ‘churches.’ They run it exactly as though they are running a church, but they are atheists, believing absolutely nothing about the Bible. Their ‘churches’ survive because there’s a huge population of un-believers out there.

These things lay their foundations when we gradually stop believing some verses of the Bible. Then, as the days come by, we see another verse we do not believe, and then another, until our faith completely fades away and the things of God no longer interest us. While I pray that none of us will fall into this situation, how about the people around us, can we see anyone whose faith is gradually disappearing, one verse at a time?

Do we have instances of unbelieve in the Bible? Yes of course. A very clear example is in John 11:21-27 when Martha met Jesus after her brother (Lazarus) died. Martha believed that if Jesus was on ground, her brother would not have died. But I am here now, Jesus tried to convince her, and your brother will live again, do you believe this? We all know her answer, rather than confess I do not believe, she recites the resurrection of all saints on the last day. Even at the very point when Jesus says, “Take away the stone,” Martha still raised an objection, clearly showing she did not believe the Master.

Well, brethren, do you still believe? Even when you see things around you that seem to contravene the Bible, does your faith still stand? When you pray and you don’t see the results you desire, is your faith strong enough to cope or do you begin a gradual fall into the faithless lot? What ideas do you have when you have prayed and fasted many days and nothing happened? Do you begin to doubt if this Faith is real or if God really answers prayers? Is there something within asking you to question your Faith or are you able to hold onto Christ, our Anchor?

In Romans 14:23, the Bible says every unbelief is sin. Quoting from one writer: “Unbelief grieves the heart of God more than any other sin. We Christians cry out against the sins of the flesh, but God is concerned with the sins of the heart — doubting his Word or questioning his faithfulness. The real issues of life and death have more to do with how a person thinks than what he does.” So, what are you thinking? If Christ were to return today, would He find you among the faithful?

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